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Electricity Storage Methods

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One of the major problems is that heavy night demand does not co-incide with day time supply. This is overcome in George Monbiot's thinking by a direct current supergrid which covers several time zones and blends wind power and solar with some storage capacity. Night time generation is also possible with generation in space. PG&E have linked with Solaren, a start up company, for 200mw Space Solar Planned 2016. Misubishi is involved in a $21 billion project with the Japanese Space Agency.


Effient storage methods are essential if renewable energy sources are to be used to power the grid and replace all combustion.


Wind, solar and tidal energy are each variable sources of energy and the race is on to see who can develop a cost efficient method for storing energy on the scale of the grid. This page is devoted to the development of all methods of power storage


As at 2014 the leader is judged by DESERTEC to be Gemasolar in Spain who have proved viability at 20MW size since 2011. This will be dwarfed by Morocco's plans for 2020.


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