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Wind Power Generation


Please report successful wind power projects.

One of the major problems is that demand does not co-incide with supply which is limited to windy, but not too windy, days (see Electricity Storage Methods  ). However more recent studies indicate that in UK as a whole, for example, there is rarely a time of day or night where a part of the country would not be generating. The total useable wind energy in UK is variously estimated as reaching 6 times the UK energy demands.

In 2017 windpower has achieved amazing reductions in cost which were not expected until 2020. Generator design breakthroughs make this the cheapest energy for the future but base load will still be needed from nuclear power. UK and Germany are leading the way.

The synergy with hydrogen and electric transport is interesting.

How little we are doing in comparison!


Please report domestic projects with their costs and benefits in the section What We Can Do.




  1. Wind Now Cheapest in UK  13/09/17
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