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What We Can Do

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What We Can Do


This is the section for all the activities and savings that will make a big difference when others follow your example.


Please add what you have done.


Home Renovation  Transport Innovation
Influencing Opinion Proposing Legislation


First understand your own energy usage and what affects it. Join the Oxford University I-Measure and record your electricity and gas usage. Help them plan to extend the calculations to monitor oil as well with calculations like this. It may soon be able to tell you when to reorder your oil, as you can try in the spreadsheet version.


More important still is the way you build the market for renewables. It's no use waiting until PV solar or electric cars are economically viable. The market will not develop and so they never will be. Jump in now and your grandchildren will remember you with pride! The interest on deposits is now so low it will be a relatively good investment too.


If you can write up your experiences it will be even better. A summary of the experiences of real eco-home builders, for example, will empower the government to legislate for every home to be energy saving.


Why not try to think of things that would not ruin the planet if everyone did them? For example the current enthusiasm for ethanol is destroying the rain forest. The growing use of wood chip furnaces has its limitations in the longer term.


Prove it works and legislation can follow.


Test your understanding with a prize winning simulation by Red Redemption. You are the President of the European Union deciding how to spend your resources to save the planet without bankrupting Europe.


Most important is to study and discuss the dangers with your friends. Awarenes of the facts and solutions as they emerge will always be a conversation starter. Why not try "I wonder what your house would be like under carbon rationing." This could lead to a discussion of the likely measures governments could take and how the wise will prepare for them. As you gain an opinion of your own why not support some of the many organisations who promote that viewpoint. Take part and make sure your viewpoint is considered.


Don't imagine your voluntary restraint will make any difference except to prove that radical legislation is viable.




Group members

  • Malcolm
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Comments (2)

Charlie said

at 11:15 pm on Feb 14, 2021

We use solar power, which is negated to some extent by the fact we require to run an internal combustion petrol generator for 2 to 2.5 hours to supplement what the solar system can not produce, or the deep cycle batteries can contain.

Charlie said

at 12:19 am on Mar 6, 2021

Every small amount of voluntary restraint will make a difference, but it will make a huge difference only when many practise some voluntary restraint. To always rely on legislation, is a mistake; community participation by education and peer group pressure in much more desirable.

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