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Warning Against Fixes

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

The problem is not JUST "temperature change", albeit that is a severe problem.


Climate change contrary to popular opinion is not just about weather. It is about all the systemic things that go along with that. Look it up. There are other problems that are just as severe.


One such problem is Ocean Acidification. CO2 released into the atmosphere (greenhouse gas) is absorbed by rain and surface action of the oceans. The CO2 migrates into the oceans where it chemically reduces the pH of the water making

it more acidic. That in turn impacts corals and fish populations. Commerical fish populations (yes the stuff that winds up on your dinner table) are projected to be EXTINCT by 2048 if we don't do something. Coral Reefs are expected to be 90% dead by 2070 if we don't act. Guess where they are in the food chain folks...


So what do we do about this? Can we solve this?


We think so and that's why we created http://www.H2Orbit.com -- It's about

sustainability. Please help us.


Chuck McGowen


posted to ClimateConcern

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