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US wind farm plans

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BP to Build Five U.S. Wind Farms This Year


HOUSTON, Texas, January 18, 2007 (ENS) - BP Alternative Energy North America Inc. today announced that it expects to begin construction on five wind power generation projects in the United States in 2007. Located in four states - California, Colorado, North Dakota and Texas - the projects are expected to deliver a combined generation capacity of some 550 megawatts, MW.

When complete, the projects will exceed the company’s previously announced target to build 450 MW by end of 2008.


BP’s U.S. wind portfolio includes the opportunity to develop almost 100 projects with a potential total generating capacity of some 15,000 MW. These projects are the result of several agreements and acquisitions the company made in 2006.


In July, BP announced a strategic alliance with Clipper Windpower to supply up to 4,250 MW of wind turbines over the next five years.


Later in the year, BP acquired two U.S. wind development companies - Greenlight Energy Inc. and Orion Energy LLC.


“Today’s announcement marks an important step in delivering BP’s commitment to producing low and zero-carbon electricity,” said Robert Lukefahr, president of BP Alternative Energy North America Inc.


Construction is already under way on the Cedar Creek project in Weld County, Colorado, a development venture between BP Alternative Energy North America Inc., and Babcock & Brown Operating Partners LP.


This 300 MW wind power generation project will be comprised of 274 wind turbines. Initial operation is expected in the second half of 2007 and when fully commercial, the project will generate enough carbon-free electricity to power 120,000 homes.


The four other projects are smaller. In California, the Yaponcha wind power generation project is the re-powering of an existing wind energy facility in San Gorgonio Pass which expects to have a capacity of 20 MW.


A 65 MW wind power generation project is planned for North Dakota, a 60 MW joint project with Clipper Windpower is going up in Central Texas, and in West Texas a project in excess of 100 MW is in the works.




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