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Unexpected Events

Page history last edited by Malcolm 8 years ago

Unexpected Events and Risks


During the last few months and years there have been events which cannot be explained by our current understanding of climate change. As these are identified by scientists they are tested and if possible included in future climate models thus providing a more accurate total picture.

One of these was the discovery that air pollution of various forms had delayed the warming that was expected from the levels of CO2. As some of this pollution was controlled cleared skies led to accelerated warming.

We invite you to add such events here. The first is an explanation for the faster than expected decrease in the Polar Icecap in the past 4 years.

Together these events seem to indicate that scientists tend to be too conservative in their estimates of the rate of change and politicians are too hopeful that their measures are effective.

If the scientists are unable to predict such events with any accuracy how safe can our climate planning be? The cry of the general public, who cannot be expected to evaluate the risks, can only be "Give us a Safe Climate".


The giant unpredictable event is the next Ice Age.


A section has been added here to highlight the risks we encounter as we drill deeper offshore or develop fracking technologies. It is probably a mistake for environmentalists to oppose all forms fossil fuel but rather to oppose the worst forms. At present it appears that fracking, which is controllable on land, may be less risky than deep ocean drilling, particularly in the Arctic or Antarctic.


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  1. King Coal Bankrupt  in USA 29/02/16
  2. USA Methane Escapes not Measured  20/02/16 
  3. Amazon Rain Forest Soaking Less CO2  by 30%! 19/03/15 
  4. China Creates Bad US Weather  18/04/14
  5. Earthquake Dangers Claimed  in Oklahoma 04/07/14 
  6. Stress Enhances Co-operation between species 06/02/13 
  7. Wood Pellet Madness  19/03/14 
  8. Arctic Ice Leaving 30 years ahead of schedule
  9. Fracking Fluid Kills Fish  28/08/13 
  10. All talk so far as emissions grow 4 times faster 25/09/08
  11. Aerosols Partly Responsible for slow down  in warming since 2000 - 23/07/11 
  12. Water storage dams release methane  01/09/12 
  13. Canada Closes Arctic Park 10/08/08
  14. Possible Health Hazards 08/12/09
  15. Moon Effect on Climate by Richard Hansen 06/12/09
  16. Warming due to Nature suggests Australian scientists 26/07/09
  17. Dangers of Active Nitrogen 18/05/08
  18. Heat Tolerant Corals 20/05/09
  19. Ice Age Probability studies from 16/05/09
  20. Patent Potential of Antarctic 06/02/09
  21. Drier Cimate May not increase Forest Fires 21/04/09
  22. All Antarctica Now Warming, new study finds 20/01/09
  23. Giant Waves in Upper Atmosphere 04/06/09
  24. Greening Africa a little 16/07/09
  25. Next Decade May See No Warming 20/06/08
  26. Storm Danger may be less than expected 10/07/08
  27. Nanomaterials Could be Harmful to people 25/09/08
  28. Lead Affects Cloud Formation 15/05/09
  29. Possibility that Diatoms may have balanced the climate in the past 13/01/09
  30. Greenland Ancient Ice Collapse Evidence 19/06/08
  31. Greenland Melt not Speeding Up 08/07/08
  32. Evidence of past rapid changes 13000 years ago 09/08/08
  33. Even if we stop burning the temperature continues to rise http://www.pnas.org/content/102/31/10832.full.pdf+html
  34. Wilkins Melting Twice as Fast as predicted in 1993 25/03/08
  35. Smallest Arctic Icecap ever on 17/08/07 and getting smaller
  36. Arctic Damage Surprising Experts 02/07/07
  37. Did Bacteria Help Species Evolve ? 23/05/08
  38. Larger Storm Surges in Canadian Arctic 04/04/08
  39. Warmer Arctic
  40. Less Fog Partly Explains Warmer Europe 19/01/09
  41. Surprisingly high Antarctic Sea Ice 29/06/08
  42. Caribou Herd Decline 20% - Why? 20/05/08
  43. From Eve to Near Extinction 70,000 years ago 26/04/08
  44. Excessive Reactive Nitrogen 18/05/08
  45. Warmer Arctic Colder Antarctic 05/05/08
  46. Decelerating Tree Growth correlates with temperature 17/12/07
  47. Forest fire management raises carbon emissions 18/05/08
  48. Increased CO2 does not lead to increased soil absorbtion 12/03/08
  49. Insect Outbreaks Tip the Forest Carbon Balance 05/02/08
  50. Sahara may be Greener 05/02/08
  51. Climate Destabilization 03/03/08
  52. Cirrus Disappearance Warming might thin heat trapping clouds 08/11/07
  53. Long term link temperature to biodiversity 30/10/07
  54. See video 2001 - 2006 of loss of arctic ice.
  55. Sea Level Rise faster than models predict
  56. Arctic Heatwave Amazes Scientists 28/09/07
  57. CO2 Degrades Grazing 28/08/07
  58. Suspected Chain Reaction that Killed the World 31/08/07
  59. Faster than Expected
  60. Gulf Stream Slowing Down
  61. Forest Stress Worldwide 06/08/07
  62. Role of Forests not Understood 14/07/07
  63. Development Reduces Rainfall 02/07/07
  64. Excess CO2 weakens soya plants 07/07/07
  65. Increased Viral Activity
  66. Mediterranean Cyclones? 02/08/07
  67. Heatwave makes Forests Emit CO2 14/06/07
  68. Hole in Ozone Layer Increasing Again
  69. Greenland Ice Surprise
  70. Snow Loss in Antarctic
  71. Greenland Warming
  72. Models v Observations
  73. Polar Bears Defy Extinction Threat
  74. China Largest Renewable Energy Investor
  75. Volcanoes
  76. The Volcano that Caused an Ice Age and the humans that survived 10/07/07
  77. Australian Rainfall Pattern
  78. Increased Methane in Arctic
  79. Micro Organism Feedback reduces in later years. 25/01/08
  80. Role of clouds uncertain
  81. Ireland Warmer and Wetter 29/08/07
  82. Bee Colony Collapse


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