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Summary of the Science and Developments to Date

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Summary of the Science and Developments to date


Since the dramatic loss of the Arctic Icecap it has become clearer that imminent danger does not come from the steady state predictable warming of the climate models, though this is proving bad enough. It comes from the unexpected rapid changes triggered, like the polar icecap, by circumstances that we do not understand until after they happen. These individually are called tipping points which individually or collectively may cause abrupt climate change.


David Bright's summary below provides an excellent basic understanding of the science. For a guide to the uncharted waters you might read Climate Code Red.pdf and Richard Riggs has prepared an illustrated 4 page leaflet to cover the scientific and political dangers for non scientists. This leaflet is recommended for reprinting to stimulate discussion with friends.


Summary of the Science


Key recent observations


Record high global emissions make 2C target almost impossible 20/09/14

Record high global emissionDust Particle Sizes  01/10/11 

Sun's Quiet Period Explained  16/08/10 

CO2 in Earth's Formation  02/04/10

New Evidence to Predict Sea Level Rise 07/05/09

Black Carbon Aerosols May Cause Half Arctic Warming 09/04/09

Many Factors Contribute to Meltdown 2007 05/04/09

Nitrogen Danger - the science 06/09

Shell Weight Evidence of Danger 10/03/09

Nature Evaluates 2 Methane Time Bombs 12/03/09

What is the Probability of Dangerous Climate Change ? A solid study 06/04/09

All Antarctica Now Warming 20/01/09

World Bank Says Tipping Points are Near 02/03/09

Algae Grow Faster but less nutritious 15/03/09 

Australian Fires CO2  - Forest fires equate to 40% of human emissions

Puzzle of Past Polar Temperatures 03/03/09

Sun's Diminished Activity 01/04/09




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