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Sponsors, Support and Links

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Sponsors, Support and Links


U3A Climate Study is starting to gain approval from those who want to understand the problem from many angles. It is now visited by 3 to 6 visitors per hour.


If you have some time to gather information then please email me for the password and join in.


If you have time to promote the project among your friends or in your local area then please add your name below and tell us where you will promote the project and how.


If you wish to pay for some of the costs your donation will be used for advertising and promotion unless you specify otherwise below. If you wish to remain anonymous then just enter anon.


PayPal is fast and safe. If you would like to use it please click below.


Total donations to 16/12/06 £50.


NameWill DoIn this area
MalcolmWeb Hosting
David BrightScience and Aviation
RoyPromotionHenley Area
ChristiannePublicityUK and France




This study group would not exist without the tireless work of environmentalists seeking answers all over the world. In particular I am greatly indebted to the work of Ross Mayhew and the Yahoo Group ClimateConcern for much of the content of this PBWiki. We hope to be of service to them by preserving the core of their postings in a form that can be digested at leisure. H2Orbit is a source of interesting options for carbon capture and power generation.

Articles extracted from RealClimate are heavyweight reading but do help to understand the more obscure arguments of the skeptics. Roger Pielke Sr. at Colorado University maintains a high level reference site for current research.

An excellent up to date reference on all developments is available on www.climateark.org .

Reuters famous News Agency run Planetark from which many of the extracts are taken. They have an ecology website at http://www.planetark.org/searchhome.cfm which could answer your questions.

Some news items are extracted in Global Warming Information


U3A Climate Change is grateful for sponsorship from:-


University of the 3rd Age Worldwide

ASTA Henley-on-Thames

Henley Baptist Church


Founder Members

Malcolm Crocker

Tom Holloway

Roy Earnshaw CBE

John Liveing

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