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Solar Power Generation

Page history last edited by Malcolm 6 years, 1 month ago

A project to gather current information on Solar Power Generation and storage


Solar power is attractive because it is plentiful but there are many problems to be overcome before it can power the world. This project is dedicated to reporting progress. See also Electricity Storage Methods as these are of vital importance to the use of Solar and other renewables.


However Conservation and efficiency is the answer, at least until an affordable .

photovoltaic cell is developed. If Arizona was covered with 10% efficient solar

panels, it could provide the 100 quadrillion BTUs that the USA uses every year


Bob Maginnis October 2005


The race is not over however! See Pyron Solar Power and a new World Record of 40% efficiency has been established in USA also ENECO Solar who claim 38%. Now (2012) the front runner is Solar Junction with 44%. Possibly the cheapness of Nanosolar printed foils may outway the efficiency of other products. The largest project announced to date (2009) is in NW China.


More recently solar thermal systems have gained in popularity as they make use of a larger percentage of the energy reaching the earth. The largest planned to date is in South Australia Largest Solar in the World 2017. Morocco is a leader in North Africa as it plans to export to Europe (2018)


Systems in which the sun heats water to generate electricity are developing fast by the Spanish company Acciona Energy and they now plan a 200 MW plant in Nevada which will pay for itself in 10 years. German companies have initiated a giant application of this technology to provide 15% of Europe's electricity by 2050.


Google are investing in solar thermal research and are approaching their goal of energy as cheap as coal. Google Nears Cheap Energy Goal


One of the major problems is that heavy night demand does not co-incide with day time supply (see Electricity Storage Methods ). This is overcome in George Monbiot's thinking of a direct current supergrid which covers several time zones and blends wind power and solar with some storage capacity. Night time generation is also possible with generation in space. PG&E have linked with Solaren, a start up company, for 200mw Space Solar Planned 2016. Misubishi is involved in a $21 billion project with the Japanese Space Agency.


One of the newest methods is to use algae to capture the energy to fuel a power plant. It is claimed in Venice that a complete plant can be operational in 2 years.


The most hopeful breakthroughs may provide cheap solar cells which can convert 90% of the sun's energy reaching them into electricity. Another example is provided by the University of Missouri. This could lead to affordable energy for all and enable very rapid cuts in global emissions.


One hope is the vast rooftop space available on industrial and public buildings. This page collects examples and reports progress including a 2011 map of projects.


Group members

Malcolm Crocker




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Comments (1)

Malcolm said

at 10:36 am on Mar 22, 2009

Hi, noted your last change about solar power - quite agree. Only a small fraction of the sun falling on the Sahara would meet all the earth's energy needs. We seem capable of finding enormous sums to meet financial baleouts or Trident replacements or stupid wars but tapping into this resource, as we must inevitably do sometime, must be 'competitive' it seems. In my opinion short termist democracies are just not able to grasp this nettle.

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