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Shropshire wind power

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An environmentally friendly couple could soon be the first Shrewsbury householders to power their home through a wind turbine.


Michael and Janet Etchells, of Downfield Road, already use solar panels and now hope to get planning permission for a wind turbine to provide more electricity.


Mr Etchells, said if planning permission was granted, he could have the first household wind turbine in Shrewsbury.


Mr Wayne Barrabal, the borough council’s head of development control, confirmed it was the first application he had received from a resident.


An application has been put in previously by the Bayston Hill Memorial Hall committee but they withdrew it, although they will be re-submitting it shortly.


In his application to Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council for the small wind turbine, Mr Etchells states he wants to take control of his carbon footprint.


Mr Etchells, 55, who works for the maintenance department in Shirehall, said the visual impact would be limited but the turbine would supply a large proportion of his electricity.


The turbine would be mounted on the side wall of the house and generate 400kw of power.


Mr Etchells said: “I think it’s the first one in Shrewsbury. My wife and I already do the usual recycling and we both drive small cars.”


Mr Etchells said the turbine would cost £1,500 but he could get a grant of about £500 from the Carbon Trust, a company which helps people cut carbon emissions.


He said: “The wind turbine will generate a proportion of our electricity. It is something everybody should consider doing.”


Mr Barrabal said: “The two key issues are if it is visually detrimental to the street scene and the the potential noise, which will be difficult to assess as, at the moment, we do not have an existing one in Shrewsbury to compare it to.”


The deadline for the consultation period is February 20 and a decision could be reached by March 26.


By Rebecca Lawrence


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