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Reducing Emissions

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Reducing Emissions of Greenhouse Gases


We talk reductions but increases in emissions continue to increase beyond our worst expectations.


Many ways to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases are being discussed and implemented. Some may have little effect on the problems others can have a big impact but all raise general awareness. The existing methods of power generation must be reexamined for their carbon footprint (particularly hydroelectric power). Wasteful use of resources contribute to emissions. It is estimated that half all food produced is wasted.


The danger is that by doing our little bit we may think we are solving the problem. Study the facts in How Bad is the Situation? and you may agree with me that cut backs, however severe, even if backed by legislation, will not give our grandchildren an acceptable way of life.


The billions in Asia and Africa naturally want the same standard of living we currently enjoy. We must plan to satisfy their legitimate needs or war and famine will be the norm over a vast part of the globe. Insects may be the food of the future but will be adopted reluctantly.


Operation Noah suggests a 90% cut in Europe and North America so that less developed countries could "catch up" their standard of living with only a 50% cut. A 90% cut would probably mean a ban on carbon emissions for anything except air travel. Even this would mean it would take a long time for the carbon in the atmosphere to start to decrease and even longer for the resulting temperatures to start to decline. George Monbiot goes further and argues persuasively for tougher targets. The reaction of oil producing countries to such cuts is critical.


The sun provides ample energy, even if the world population continues to grow. It is just rather expensive to harness at present, but in sight of becoming competitive. However the word competitive is hardly relevant if the planet is at stake. Let's make it our main source of energy by law.


The change over to sun power must be well planned and benefit everyone, including the oil giants!


Developments in the fossil fuel industries may make all our efforts worthless. In particular shale oils in Canada and now (2011) in Lancashire, UK, may overcome peak oil limitations and overwhelm the planet with carbon emissions. The Desperate Search for Fossil Fuels has been recorded on a separate page. Fracking probably needs a section on its own but the Future of Fracking  is a start





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