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Initiatives, Investment, Opinion Polls and Viewpoints





Now it is generally accepted that carbon dioxide levels are damaging to the environment the key question is whether we do anything significant to reduce them in time to reduce the impact. Politicians are unable to act until the public recognise the severity of the situation. This section will trace the key initiatives on the road to winning the minds of the public.


Divesting Movement Takes Off  24/09/15

Keep it in the Ground Campaign by Guardian with Royal approval 02/07/15

Investors divesting from fossil fuels 23/09/14

Nobel Prize Winners urge Carbon Pricing  16/03/13

Californians dont want to pay  25/07/14

Global Currency Solution  21/02/13

Major Barrier to Tackling Climate Change  George Monbiot 05/12/12

Desertec Proposes Climate Fund 28/11/12

How our brains assess the problem  24/07/12

African Caravan of Hope by Christian Aid 11/11/11

Keystone Tar Sands Re-reviewed until 2013  after pressure from environmental groups 11/11/11

Greenpeace Challenges Deep Oil in UK High Court  27/02/11

Soros Bold Plan to Release $150 billion 11/12/09

350 demonstrations in 4000 locations 24/10/09

Gore Launches $300 million campaign

Is White the New Green ? painting the mountains has started July 2010

Richard Branson launches Carbon War Room  to focus on shipping emissions 10/05/10

Billion Tree Campaign becomes 7 billion 18/05/08

Google Search for Green Energy 01/10/08

Reduce CO2 by 5 - 7 Gigatons by 2020 say think tank 01/07/09

$5 billion climate fund to support carbon trading 05/06/08

Google to boost green technologies

Millenium Seed Project Endangered 17/12/08

Wecansolvit - with a new advertising campaign 20/09/08

Richard Branson Prize of $25 million for best carbon capture ideas 07/02/07

Climate Modellers Conference 15/06/08

UK Office Supplies Company cuts carbon 50% 04/07/08



Green Bond Market Growing   04/06/15

Norway Divests From Fossil Fuels  05/06/15


Cost Estimates 


Renewable Conversion Cost in Perspective  15/05/11

US Report Advocates Carbon Tax  24/07/13


Opinions and Viewpoints


Public opinion in USA appears to be more motivated by securing energy supplies at home from shortages and foreign control rather than concern regarding the greenhouse gas levels and the resulting climate change. However things are changing more rapidly each year.

Some are still skeptical of the existance of human induced climate change or of any serious consequences. Please add these to the Skeptics Pages. Answers to the 26 most common objections are contained in a New Scientist Feature.

Skeptics are becoming rare beasts as the science becomes clearer but we should also listen to those who feel there are more important problems and who doubt our ethical responsibility.

In this section we invite you to report on the opinions which prevail among your friends, in your church and in your country.


Opinion Polls



  1. UK Climate Opinion Aug 2013  23/08/13
  2. Americans willing to Pay for Climate 03/08/10
  3. More Openness from Climate Scientists is beginning 14/02/10
  4. US Understanding of Climate Change Wanes 24/10/09
  5. World Votes for Climate Controls Chinese and US public included 05/12/08
  6. USA Public Opinion Moves Ahead in both camps 23/09/08
  7. 41% of British expect Carbon Police for UK by mid-century 20/06/08
  8. UK Public Skeptical 2008 20/06/08
  9. Most would pay higher bills worldwide to remedy climate change 06/11/07
  10. US Companies Support Action
  11. Public Opinion Doubts Liability November 2006



The Skeptics Pages



General Sources



  1. IMF Proposes Wise Taxes  19/01/16
  2. Leave two thirds of fossil fuels in the ground  20/06/13
  3. Shale Gas Essential Route from Coal  for China 15/04/13 
  4. Has Warming Halted - Study 12/01/13 
  5. 2010 to be the Hottest Yet ? - Economist Newspaper 10/01/10
  6. Study Claims 100 percent renewable by 2030  25/01/11 
  7. 130 Skeptic Arguments Refuted 19/11/10 
  8. Royal Society Scientists Publish UK Road Map 29/07/09
  9. US Farmers Oppose Bill 12/01/09
  10. Emailgate Report  exonerates university 07/0710 
  11. Green at 15 - US School Report 21/04/09
  12. Hansen Letter to Obama 29/12/08
  13. Counting the Right Numbers 18/01/09
  14. World Watch Institute Warning 05/02/09
  15. Cap and Trade or Carbon Tax 28/02/09
  16. 350 org Takes Down Dirty Coal 02/03/09
  17. Some doubts about Antactic Warming 22/01/09
  18. Concentrating Solar, the comparison 19/08/08
  19. Difficult to Decide on the Evidence for Climate Change 17/02/09
  20. Deutsche Bank Climate Change Report 04/11/08
  21. Coal and Nuclear Opinion 17/09/08
  22. British Forces anticipate strain of climate change 24/01/08
  23. African Overview June 2008
  24. 7 Barriers to Public Understanding 15/02/08
  25. Chinese Protest Pollution 14/10/08
  26. Expect 190 billion cost says new book 07/03/08
  27. Australian Drought by 2010 10/07/08
  28. Flooding not always Climate Change in India 26/09/08
  29. GE Invests in Renewables 14/03/08
  30. Mortgage Future Generations 30/04/08
  31. Mark Dowd's Address to the United Reform Church General Assembly 17/07/08
  32. Hurricane Disputes 18/05/08
  33. Currrent targets based on old science - Monbiot 04/12/07
  34. Battle for the Arctic ? 01/03/08
  35. Channel 4 Convert 23/07/08
  36. Population Problems and answers 02/04/08
  37. Population and feminism 16/05/08
  38. Don't wait for the science says a leading professor in U.Texas 23/12/07
  40. Broader Perspective Needed September 2004
  41. UN report offers bleak prospects and blames governments for inaction 30/10/07
  42. Secretary General United Nations
  43. Forest Preservation Dialogue 04/01/08
  44. Bush Becoming Convinced
  45. Corn Ethanol not the answer 01/01/08
  46. Americans Start to Understand in Las Vegas 30/09/07
  47. Playing Climate Change Poker 21/07/07
  48. UK Rejecting Green Taxes 26/07/07
  49. Economist Opinion
  50. Industrial Response Growing USA
  51. Poor US Media Coverage Danger 07/08/07
  52. Polar Oil Danger 09/08/07
  53. Capitol Hill
  54. US Climate Politics Aug 07
  55. Thailand Concerned 21/07/07
  56. Sun's variations not the cause - Royal Society paper 11/07/07
  57. Vatican says Christians must help the planet
  58. British take little action
  59. An Inconvenient Truth
  60. New War on the Planet
  61. Governments Must Act
  62. Population Control
  63. What do Polar Bears do during global warming?
  64. Insulating Homes gives the greatest impact
  65. National Weather Service Heads Quit because of Climate Change?
  66. Chinese Opinion
  67. American Association for Advancement of Science
  68. UNESCO viewpoint
  69. Bush left isolated as USA turns green
  70. Even Bush Weakening ?
  71. Get ready to suffer 01/10/06
  72. Norway Invites US Senators
  73. The Middle Way
  74. Monbiot more honest than Gore ?
  75. Is it Nerdy to Care ?
  76. PRAGUE viewpoint
  77. Cut backs not enough
  78. Climate March 04/11/2006
  79. Need Action Now
  80. Motivation
  81. Junkscience
  82. Japanese Concern
  83. Dangerous Opinion
  84. Discussion of symptoms
  85. No political will
  86. Australian Green
  87. A US Senator's Warning
  88. Crafted Reports
  89. Market Rule - Mortal Danger
  90. Oil Funded Opinion
  91. US awareness
  92. Tyndall Report
  93. Stern Report Inadequate
  94. Renewables projection USA



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