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Mega-chimney idea

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The Mega-Chimney Idea


We (Steve & Shawn) believe that existing proposed solutions to global warming are inadequate. We have analysis and reasoning which shows existing proposed solutions to global warming as being either Too Slow, Too Expensive, Too Damaging, Too Indirect, or often, a combination of those complaints.


We detail some of this reasoning in our essay, "4. Mega-Chimney essay v3.5 by SN&SM.rtf" (file 4). [RTF files are used both for their universality and as a safe alternative to Word files.]


We believe we have a better solution to global warming. But to

move the idea forward, we need help. You may be able to help with

analyzing, promoting, or securing funding for the idea. We

challenge ClimateConcern group members to either help make it

happen, or to refute the idea.


The basic idea was introduced by MIT's illustrious Prof Victor Starr

in 1971. We recently (and independently) re-invented the idea, and

made refinements which (we believe) make it practical. Then, initial distribution of our essay to several scientists resulted in our being informed of the earlier work by Starr et al. We include references in the file "1. Mega-Chimney READ ME.rtf"





The principle of operation is simple, and imitates Mother Nature...

the Sun heats the Earth, warming the air and water. Warm air wants

to rise up and release some of the water and heat it carries. A

chimney concentrates and accelerates these actions, and forms a

strong draft in the process. Wind turbines draw energy from the

draft and generate much electric power. Water condenses from the

rising air and is collected inside the chimney. Descending water

also generates much electric power. The generated electric power

displaces much consumption of fossil fuel, indirectly producing a

long-term reduction of global temperature. Cloud streamers exit the

chimney top at a selected altitude, and produce locally an immediate

to mid-term cooling effect (or warming effect, if desired - see file

5 in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClimateConcern/files/Mega-Chimney%

20files/ ). Many chimneys together provide direct control over

global temperature, and may effectively displace fossil and nuclear

fuel use. No fuel is required, and no solar collector has to be

built (the entire Earth serves as our solar collector); waste heat

is rapidly radiated into space.


In summary, we believe we have a better solution to global warming.

Please read CAREFULLY the files referenced in the files section (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClimateConcern/files/Mega-Chimney%

20files/), and let us know how you can help.


Steve Nixon (gigaFusion) and Shawn McCaslin


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