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how soon question

Page history last edited by Malcolm 7 years, 11 months ago

The "HOW SOON?" Question


Some accounts talk in a timescale of tens or hundreds of years for the major impact of increased carbon dioxide levels. Other accounts are stressing that in some regions serious effects are already being experienced. The 2012 loss of Arctic Ice will cause a drastic revision of estimates as it may set warming forward by 20 years. The loss of snow pack may be even more serious.

The Feb 2016 warming of 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels has astonished scientists. This was the limit proposed at the Paris Summit only 3 months ago and it has been reached already.


It may be comforting to take the mid-point of a wide range of climate model patterns but they do not take into account 'tipping points' after which changes are expected to be more rapid and irreversible.


The public will have to establish a point at which further damage is unacceptable before governments can formulate policy and act.


One puzzle in the past decade has been the slower than expected global temperature increase. The balance between the incoming solar radiation and the outgoing earth radiation should have caused more of a temperature increase on land or in the ocean. This has led skeptics to attribute more of the warming to so called natural causes. On September 18th 2011 a study was released by the National Center for Atmospheric Research proposing the deep ocean as the destination for the missing heat and La NiƱa as the transfer mechanism. This has been confirmed in 2013.


A recently discovered (July 2012) increase in the absorbtion of CO2 by the land during the past 50 years has also raised further questions.


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