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How Bad is the situation

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How Bad is the Situation




We should separate what we know from what we suspect and fear

We know

  1. Carbon Dioxide has reached its highest level in the atmosphere for 400,000 years and the damage that will be caused is only beginning to be understood.
  2. Earth is reaching its highest temperature since civilisation began. 2014 is the hottest on record.
  3. The oceans are absorbing greenhouse gases and becoming less alkaline. As understanding of the damage to phytoplankton and the whole food chain becomes clearer this is becoming the most serious short term effect.
  4. Species are disappearing 1000 times faster than normal
  5. There are at least 9 Evironmental Boundaries We Must Not Cross  for the survival of the planet as we know it. 
  6. 2011 was 9th Warmest Year since 1880  according to NASA which follows the trend that 9 of the ten warmest years since modern records began have occurred since year 2000. A new record for global disaster cost was recorded.


If we compare what we know of CO2 levels and what we know of CO2 emissions it looks like this.

This is quite enough to make us want to act. We are acting but not fast enough.


We Fear

The following events may be linked to a greater or lesser extent with the Carbon Dioxide levels, the levels of other greenhouse gases, and other human activities.

  1. The polar icecap is shrinking faster than scientists predicted, the Arctic Ocean is warming and Greenland is being affected dramatically.
  2. Gulf Stream is slowing and may have stopped for 10 days in 2004
  3. Loss of ocean species diversity may cause the collapse of the biggest carbon cycle.
  4. Forests are becoming less effective in absorbing CO2 and may decline rapidly due to increased forest fire risk. Canadian Forests Now Generate CO2 2009
  5. The first hurricane ever reported has been experienced in the South Atlantic
  6. Antarctic problems due to warmer water streams undermining and causing loss of ice shelves. The long term effects are difficult to estimate.
  7. Past the tipping point? A ten year window closing?
  8. Drought threatens to make poor nations suffer and become more militant. Economic refugees will increase 11/03/08
  9. Warming will continue long after humans stop burning fossil fuels.
  10. Other significant risks are proposed in 9 Evironmental Boundaries We Must Not Cross
  11. No satisfactory global solution has been proposed.


Our task is to find out as quickly as we can what damage we are causing and how we can put it right. Please help us.


Group members


Link to keep up to date

Planet Ark sponsored by Reuters at: http://www.planetark.org/searchhome.cfm





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  77. How Bad
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  82. Stern Report
  83. Food Chain Damaged
  84. North Sea Recovery
  85. Predicting Extreme Weather Events
  86. Earlier Cold Periods Studied using midge heads to indicate instability of the Gulf Stream






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