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Global Hi-Tech Adjustments

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Global Hi-Tech Adjustments


This group gathers all those hi-tech or apparently fanciful solutions which involve compensating for the increasing temperature, and possibly other changes, with massive global engineering intervention.


It is easy to riddicule such actions but increasingly likely that the delays in tackling the problem will lead to global catastrophies on such a scale that these remedies will be deployed.


At last in 2010 a UN Body is discussing guidelines for the potentially dangerous experiments to prove the effectiveness of such solutions.


Recent discoveries relating to the sizes of dust particles in the atmosphere will assist some of  these interventions.


Most suggestions could reduce temperature but do not tackle the other related problems like ocean acidity.


Your help to gather and present and comment on these is very welcome.


Temperature Moderation 

  1. Geoengineering is affordable  30/08/12 
  2. New Molecule Found to Cool Earth  naturally 15/01/12
  3. Marine Cloud Brightening  20/08/12 
  4. 200mw Space Solar Planned 2016 16/04/09
  5. UN Addresses Geo-Engineering  Safety 10/05/10 
  6. Summary of New Science Hopes 29/01/09
  7. Shading the Earth 21/06/09
  8. Geoengineering Update 05/06/08
  9. Adding Lime to Seawater 22/07/08
  10. Bush Global Cooling Plan 02/07/07
  11. Umbrellas in Space
  12. The Role of Dust or seeded iron to stimulate ocean plant growth 02/03/08
  13. Giant Sunshade
  14. Fresnel Lens at L1 Point
  15. Space Ring
  16. Sulfate Screen Update
  17. Caution on Geo-engineering 27/04/08


Carbon Dioxide Capture 

  1. The Role of Iron in the capture of carbon dioxide

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