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Page history last edited by Malcolm 4 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to U3A Climate Study


Goodbye Africa, goodbye south Asia; goodbye glaciers and sea ice, coral reefs and rainforest; it was nice knowing you, not that we really cared. The governments which moved so swiftly to save the banks have bickered and filibustered while the biosphere burns.

www.monbiot.com on Copenhagen 2009 ....see now Durban Disaster 2011

Anticipate the Great Climate Wars 

Macron Closing Coal Fired Stations by 2021

An interesting map from The Eco Experts shows which countries are most at risk from climate change.

Countries most likely to survive climate change

The coal train!  Who wins?    
Evidence for Climate Change the science, the observed changes and the skeptics
What is Being Done by governments, industry, research, NGO's and the public
Scenarios for the Future what the experts warn and your theories
What We Can Do to study, test products, create the market and influence legislation


Save the World

Air to Fuel by Bill Gates 05/02/18


Chernobyl Sealed 2017  Dec 2016


China Plan to Cap Emissions Brings Hope to Conference  04/06/14


Understanding Tipping Points WWF and Allianz

Christiana Figueres in Debate 07/05/14


The Turning Point for Carbon Management?


Time is Running Out  UN Report 08/04/14



Summary for Non-Scientists  

4 page pictorial leaflet  Nov 2010


Major Barrier to Tackling Climate Change  George Monbiot 05/12/12

Arctic Time Bomb Looks Attractive  22/08/14

Arctic Ice Loss Equivalent to 20 years human CO2  06/09/12 Arctic Methane Increasing Rapidly  13/12/11
Fracking Disasters Methane Extraction worse than coal  24/11/13 Lockheed Claim Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough  17/10/14 

Eco Friendly Hydrogen Source  11/04/13

More Accurate Prediction Method  15/03/14
US has 2000 times its energy needs - Geothermal  18/09/10 Developing World Consumption Exceeds Developed World for the first time 2010

Could microbes be part of the answer ?                   05/10/11 
Some ocean algae can adapt faster than thought 11/09/14 

You must read Climate Code Red or A Summary.

Learning to Live on Less - a proposed new initiative for U3A's and ILR's worldwide  



This website was started by Malcolm Crocker of U3A Henley-on-Thames and Tom Holloway of U3A International UK in 2006 to study climate change - its effects and remedies and now has 18 registered contributors.

We invite you to join this online study group which will sift through the evidence and the latest technologies and actions to try to build a better picture for the general public. The site now contains over 1600 authoritative extracts and needs your help to build it and comment on the entries. Please also report your Eco Projects, like Marchwood Eco Renovation or your Toyota Prius, so that others may be able to plan their projects.




Climate Change will affect our grandchildren and the whole of civilisation in profound ways but most of us know so little about it. Until we know more the politicians are not free to propose legislation radical enough to deal with the problem and its effects.


The subject is also highly complex as it involves physics, technology, meteorology, plant and animal sciences, fuel sciences, politics and world poverty. Scientists do not have experience in all these fields so a real team effort is needed. The answers however need to be expressed in terms all can understand.


This is not an attempt at a structured overview of the whole problem. This is already well done by Climate Code Red, Heat by George Monbiot, Put the Numbers Together, An Inconvenient Truth and many other great books. It is not prepared by renowned climate scientists but by people with a scientific interest in learning the truth by examining a wide range of assertions and testing them with your help. Articles in our skeptics section deliberately throw doubt on other parts of the work. We just want to piece together the truth in our own minds. What is the situation? What is the future likely to hold? Could it be much worse than science predicts? What steps are being taken by governments and industry? Are they adequate? How will it affect us? What can we do?


Have you seen articles which may hold the key to our future? Is a possible scenario forming in your mind? Can you comment on or criticize our current material? Please tell us about it.


How to join in


If you are a guest and you would like to take part please send an email to malcolm@3as.org.uk with the entry you want to make, and I will enter it for you. If your entry is constructive I will register you and you will be able to join in fully.

Comments (2)

Ian Kimber said

at 1:10 pm on Mar 12, 2020

Malcolm has not visited this site for some time but this is a very useful resource and needs to be retained and used.

Charlie said

at 11:46 pm on Mar 12, 2020

Malcolm has done a great deal of good work on this site. PBworks contacted me, saying they would close it down because it had languished into disuse. So I quickly added something to make it relevant again. There is a wide ranging field of things in this. The corona virus was known or discovered certainly in the 1970's that I know of. Possibly before. That it has taken off like this is new, but what changed that made it do so. It might appear to be a long bow to draw, but I believe this is also something to do with climate alteration.

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