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Ethanol hydrogen and other renewables

Page history last edited by Malcolm 9 years, 7 months ago

Ethanol and Renewable Liquid Fuels


I am disappointed to learn that bio-fuels in their present form may be doing more harm than good. I took this from George Monbiot's article in the Guardian in December 2005 Worse than Fossil Fuels which shows how sections of forest with huge carbon content are being burned to plant palm oil trees for European bio-fuels. The European Union is trying to remedy this problem with new EU Biofuel Rules. The World Bank urges caution. In USA the EPA tests the net emissions of CO2 from corn oil and other sources. Unfortunately Malaysian business has extended the practice of clearing rainforest to plant palm oil to the Amazon.


More recently (2013) advances in the science have brought some hope. Willow with High Sugar Content  Eco Friendly Hydrogen Source


It is unlikely that consumption of fossil fuels can be drastically reduced without the use of renewable liquid fuels for transportation. Adapted cars can currently run on 85% ethanol, as many leading makes do in Brazil, and conventional cars can use 5% ethanol without adjustment.


Ethanol has been produced primarily from grain surpluses in USA but this method of production would not enable the world transport fleet to operate even if all the arable land in the world were used. More efficient ways of converting sunlight and carbon dioxide into oxygen and liquid fuel (via vegetation?) must be found. Could Aquahol be an answer? Or could the problems of hydrogen be overcome?


Ethanol from cellulose has been developed and should proceed to large scale production as an intermediate step before other more efficient routes are developed. New York has won the race with the Largest Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in March 2009 with a capacity of 200.000 gallons per year. There is also concern that Jatrpha and similar invasive species may prove a danger to local agriculture.


A neat solution could be to turn The World's Garbage into Biofuels as from the tonnages involved 80% of the world's gasoline could be produced from these renewables.


The big gap is the use of bio-fuels in aircraft. Would a return to turboprop technology enable bio-fuel to be used? Are there other ways? Boeing, Virgin and others are starting to tackle this problem. A recent hope is a New Fuel from E-coli being developed by the University of California and 2 or 3 times more powerful than ethanol. It would also appear that fuel from algae would be suitable for aircraft. In 2010 there appears to be more optimism.


Biomass has been included below for completeness but it appears to cause more problems than it solves. It will inevitably be part of the solution in some countries until virtually all combustion can be outlawed.





Group members

  • Malcolm
  • Tom Holloway (Warwick District U3A)
  • Peter Ridgway (Spelthorne U3A)


New Fuels

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Fuel From Waste

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Ethanol and Biodiesel


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Fuel Cells, Hydrogen etc.

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Biomass Not the Answer 28/04/09

Advanced Biofuels Stoke Warming 24/10/09


Comments (1)

Charlie said

at 7:04 am on Mar 18, 2021

Unsure how things are around the world. Australia are now promoting dual fuel, liquid fuel and electric, or straight out electric cars. This sounds good because at the same time alternative to coal and gas electricity generation is being taken up. However, the process of making solar panel and components for wind and wave generators must be examined. Ensuring they use the best practice and materials and don't become major polluters themselves.

Then there are the surcharges that government in Oz are certainly considering. Any way they can get money from losing the fuel excise. https://thedriven.io/2020/11/21/shameful-victoria-follows-south-australia-and-imposes-electric-car-road-tax/

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