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Earth Energy UK

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This is a copy of the Earth Energy website which claims to offer up to 75% of domestic energy needs. http://www.earthenergy.co.uk/geothermal_domestic.php


Earth Energy


By choosing an EarthEnergy™ System you will can benefit from lower heating bills and make a direct contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our domestic EarthPacks™ are specifically designed for the self-builder and comprise a trench based 'slinky' ground loop with manifolds for your installation, together with either a Dimplex or Viessmann, heat pumps and ancillary equipment selected to suit your needs and building size.


If you have insufficient room for a 'slinky' installation, we can provide a borehole based solution instead. One of our specialist geothermal drilling teams will attend site and install a number of Haka Gerodur plastic U-tubes in boreholes.


A local approved EarthEnergy™ Installation Partner undertakes installation or you can opt to use your own tradesmen. Our service engineer will then attend site, check the installation and commission the system.


If you have plans drawn up for your property and would like a detailed estimate of the costs of heating your home with a ground source heat pump, please download our Initial Project Information Form and return it to us along with site plans, or complete the form on-line.


A government grant of £1200 towards installation cost is available through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. In Scotland, the Scottish Community and Householder Renewables Initiative (SCHRI) offers grants to householders set at 30% of the installed cost of a renewable measure up to £4,000.

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