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China and India

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China and India


It is often asserted that our efforts to combat climate change are wasted because of the rapidly increasing emissions from China and India.


In fact the reverse is the case. The concern of the Chinese and Indian peoples are at least as great as UK and the plans and actions of their governments equal or exceed ours.


Certainly the actions of both China and India are of primary importance because of their huge and growing populations.


Many places in China and India experience more evident pollution from growing industries and as a result they are likely to be taking action when we are standing still. In some instances British technology is at work capturing flue gases and reducing pollution but there is so much more to be done. These countries manufacture the goods we happily buy so we are partners in whatever pollution they produce. Their own vast populations generate little pollution per capita.


UK claims emission reductions since 1990 of 15% but this is largely because manufacturing has transferred to China and India. Based on consumption our responsibility for emissions has risen by 19% (Kyoto 2 - Oliver Tickell)


This section will assemble the evidence on both sides of this argument.


Chinese Plans and Actions


  1. China Supports Green Production
  2. Population Billionaires  06/10/10 
  3. China to switch to Eco-Bulbs in ten years 06/10/07
  4. Chinese Concern 02/08/07
  5. IPCC Chair re India 21/08/07
  6. China Plans Windfarm 2008
  7. China Biofuels Danger
  8. China Largest Renewable Energy Investor
  9. Wind Turbine Manufacture in China 02/08/07
  10. China Halts Chemical Plant
  11. China Recognises the Problem
  12. ChinaWatch
  13. Chinese Agriculture in Danger
  14. Chinese Wind Power




Indian Plans and Actions


  1. Jatropha for Biodiesel
  2. Worlds Largest Solar Station in India  being planned 13/11/10 
  3. Reva Electric Car
  4. India to enforce Energy Efficiency 03/07/09




Asian Public Opinion


  1. Chinese Opinion
  2. China Floods 500,000


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