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Carbon Offsetting

Page history last edited by Malcolm 9 years, 3 months ago

Carbon Offsetting and Trading


Although carbon trading was resisted by environmental groups the various schemes are now (2012) considered a necessary step to encourage a transition within industry towards emission free operation.

It took 3 years for the complex range of schemes and players to develop and for the credits traded to reach 144 billion $US (2009).


I invite you to help me understand the market and record its progress on these pages.



In 2006 the argument against carbon trading was presented as follows



Or the July 2006 edition of New Internationalist:

Carbon Offsets - The Facts




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Comments (1)

Charlie said

at 12:04 pm on Mar 20, 2021

I haven't read any of the above information on this subject. However, carbon trading and offsetting sounds good if not thought about to deeply. It sounds too much like recycling. It too sounded good; but it was really permission for manufacturers to use more of the earths resources and increase the packaging of the products the produce.

Have heard it said; “to have anything changed is to make it a saleable quantity.” Maybe that is right, but then there is something definitely wrong in producing something that harms the planet and make it a thing that could/should escalate so it generates more money. Maybe that's why carbon trading is being resisted by environmental groups?

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