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Carbon Capture

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Capture of Carbon Dioxide and Other Greenhouse Gasses


This section gathers information on carbon capture in two main ways.


Firstly we are thinking of the capture of carbon dioxide from the flue gases of fossil fuel power stations. Here capture of 85% is possible but no large power stations have yet been equipped.

A recent (2011) project in Scotland has been cancelled because of the high cost.

Ottmar Edenhofer, chief economist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate

Impact Research in Germany, predicted US technology would lead.

"In the next 10 years, either in China or the United States, we will

see the first emission-free coal-fired power plant -- not in Europe,"

he said, adding China would use US technology.

A research project in India suggests bacteria might be effective. Work is progressing too at MIT.


Secondly there is the task of capturing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This is currently being done by plants and by trees. Can we offer incentives to plant more trees but more importantly to retain existing forests. It had long been thought that old forests emitted carbon dioxide but a recent study established that they were usually effective carbon sinks and should be preserved. Artifical methods are proposed (2011) with a capture efficiency of 1000 time that of a tree.

50% of photosynthesis takes place in the ocean. The effect of rising temperatures and acidity are not well understood but there may be ways to enhance CO2 absorbtion there.


At last University of Calgary claims Carbon Capture from the Air is only slightly more expensive than from smoke stacks which could be an answer for transportation emissions. They claim of the order of 10% increase in fuel cost would be sufficient. A promising pilot is also working at Global Thermostat. Now in 2018 Bill Gates has a substantial pilot project Air to Fuel.

Capture within ultramafic rocks is the latest and most promising research finding. These rocks are abundant worldwide and include basalt.


Having captured the carbon dioxide the problem then becomes storage. This is made easier if the capture is by vegetation, particularly trees. There is great debate on the role of Biochar. Interest was raised by the fertility of Amazon soils in which ancient peoples introduced charcoal. If we could do the same we could store carbon in the soil as a sink and also increase its fertility. Many feel the enthusiasm is premature and have signed a petition to that effect. The debate is very important as we risk an adventure on a grand scale. The early trials like the BioChar New Zealand must be closely evaluated. Capture in basalt undersea rocks was being evaluated in 2010 and trials in Iceland in 2014 have proved remarkably successful. I believe this could be the turning point for effective carbon management..


Now Canada has the record for the first carbon capture from a cement plant on an industrial scale using algae.


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Sources of Capture and Storage


Carbon Capture


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