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California Air Rules

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California Air Board Adopts Greenhouse Gas Rules


US: June 25, 2007


SAN FRANCISCO - The California Air Resources Board approved three new rules Thursday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of the state's effort to fight global warming.



The measures are the first "early actions" to implement California's landmark law -- Global Warming Solutions Act -- passed last year and calling for a 25 percent reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases by 2020.

The regulations order cleaner-burning gasoline that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 10 percent by 2020.


A second measure will bar the sale of NSP21633 refrigerant cans for vehicle air conditioners, and a third will require systems to reduce emissions of methane gas from landfills.


The three measures could produce a reduction up to 26 million tons of greenhouse gases, according to the Air Board.


The regulations are to be enforced before 2010, along with more than 30 other climate measures that the Air Resources Board is developing between now and 2011.


Some environmental groups, however, said the board is not moving fast enough to pass and implement more regulations to meet the clean-air goals in the state's emissions reduction law.


"There should be more early action measures but they are not there. We are calling for a more action-oriented board," Martin Schlegel of the Coalition for Clean Air said.


The Air Board was to meet in Los Angeles Friday to vote on a state plan to reduce smog to comply with federal clean air standards, and environmental organizations were expected to press for a stronger plan.


In addition to the Air Board, other California regulatory groups working on reducing emissions include a Climate Action Team, California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, and Department of Transportation.

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