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Australian Carbon Trading Assessed

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Australian Carbon Trading Questions


Barely one day after being announced, Australia's fledging carbon

trading scheme is leaking badly with some of the country's biggest

polluting industries - such as electricity generators and aluminum

producers - receiving free carbon permits.


Most of the large drought-affected agriculture industry had also been

granted carbon payment exemptions from the scheme until 2015.


And with petrol remaining at the same price both environmentalists and

economists question whether the Australian version of carbon trading

will work or is just an elaborate exercise in greenwashing.


One of the many critics, the Australian Conservation Foundation,

protested at the huge waiver afforded to electricity generators.


"Polluting industries that have spent the last decade doing little or

nothing to prepare for a carbon-constrained economy should not get a

golden handshake," said ACF climate change programme manager Tony



Although Kevin Rudd's Labor Government has yet to reveal any details as

to how the scheme would set pollution levels and the price carbon, the

Business Council of Australia questioned whether the system could

achieve the twin objectives of sustaining growth while meaningfully

reducing emissions.


Climate Minister Penny Wong said Australia was one of the hottest and

driest continents on Earth with a high per capita volume of carbon



Australia could no longer pour carbon into the atmosphere as if there

was no cost, Wong said.


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