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Arctic and Antarctic

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Arctic and Antarctic


I have gathered this information to focus attention on these two danger areas and to enable us to understand the dangers better. The science of many of the processes at work is in its infancy and climate models have so far largely ignored the effects, like the potential for the disasterous release of methane, because they cannot yet be predicted accurately. The search for oil in these areas must also be watched as it will further tip the balance as well as endangering the fragile environment.


In spite of the dramatic loss of Arctic Ice the 2.8 degree warming in the Antarctic over the past 50 years may be the more serious.

The sections below are evidence of warming, Antarctic, glacier loss, methane, species loss, oil exploration and trade


Please help us to gather this information and assess the dangers.


Evidence of Warming

Sea Level Rise Calculations  21/06/13

Living on Duckboards  26/10/13

Greenland Clues  13/04/13

Ice Loss Measured More Accurately  14/12/12

Climate Skeptics Change their Minds  21/12/12

Arctic Light Absorption Increased  04/01/13

Freshwater Bulge in Arctic Ice  24/01/12

Ice Age Anomaly Resolved  05/04/12

Monitoring Ice Thickness etc 2012  15/03/12

Arctic Methane leaking a long time 29/09/12

Arctic Micro Organisms  23/02/12

Arctic Ice Melt May Slow  and then resume 13/08/11

Extreme Melting on Greenland Ice Sheet may accelerate 13/10/11

Less Older Arctic Sea Ice  25/06/11

Arctic Ice Least for 3000 years  12/06/10

North Icelandic Jet - Huge Ocean Discovery  20/08/11

Arctic Sea Ice Minimum 2010  07/10/10

Antarctic Forest Past and recent warming 08/02/11

Antarctic Rugged Landscape  below the ice 04/06/11

Antarctic Ice Sheet Grows from Below  03/03/11

Arctic Changing Faster than Expected 12/02/10

Greenland Melting Slower than Predicted  12/09/10

Are we Stopping the Next Ice Age ? 03/03/11

Greenland Clue to End of Civilisation 2001

Greenland's Ice Melts from Below 16/02/10

Ice Free in 10 years WWF Catlin Study 15/10/09

Shipping May Increase Arctic Warming  31/10/10

Latest Calithrate Evaluation 05/01/10

Greenland Melting Faster 2009 16/11/09

Thicker Arctic Ice Summer 2009  A reprieve? 05/10/09 

Warmest Arctic for 2000 years 09/09/09

Less Arctic Ice But No More Warming ? 12/10/09

Greenland Melting Faster 03/07/09

New Evidence to Predict Sea Level Rise 09/05/09

Black Carbon Responsible for Arctic Melt 05/04/09

Many Factors Contribute to Meltdown 2007 05/04/09

Arctic Ice Leaving 30 years ahead of schedule

Next Decade May See No Warming 20/06/08

Smallest Arctic Icecap ever on 17/08/07 and getting smaller

Arctic Damage Surprising Experts 02/07/07

Warmer Arctic



West Antarctica Dangers Confirmed  13/05/14

Problems with Antarctic Sea Ice Calculations  02/0/14

Antarctic Thawing Faster than Expected  24/12/12

New Detail for Antarctic Study  06/02/13

Why Antarctic Sea Ice Not Declining  02/09/10

Ozone Hole may Affect Ocean Circulation  18/07/11

Warmer Arctic Colder Antarctic 05/05/08

Antarctic Sink Full

Ice Bridge Ruptures in Antarctic  07/04/09

Warming Outweighs Cooling in Antarctic 26/05/09

Antarctic Warming Faster than global average 12/05/09

All Antarctica Now Warming 22/01/09





Glacier loss Leading to Sea Level Rise

Greenland Ancient Ice Collapse Evidence 19/06/08

Greenland Melt not Speeding Up 08/07/08

Surprisingly high Antarctic Sea Ice 29/06/08

Antarctic Glaciers Surge 2008 February 2008





Permafrost decay releasing methane

Damage to the permafrost has cataclysmic potential as it covers 24% of the Northern Hemisphere land

Permafrost Assessment  22/02/13

Arctic Methane leaking a long time  29/09/12

Permafrost Danger Increased  30/11/11

Arctic Effects More Extensive than Expected  06/05/11

A pictorial overview http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-global-warming-methane22-2009feb22-f,0,1131179.flash

Discussion of the Arctic Dangers comparing releases in earlier periods of warming 15/03/09

A video demonstration http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-global-warming22-2009feb22,0,3336686,full.story

Sea Level Rise faster than models predict

Greenland Ice Surprise





Methane Hydrates

Increased Methane in Arctic



Species Loss

Polar Bears Defy Extinction Threat





Related problems

Serious Arctic Ozone Loss  05/04/11 

Less Sea Ice Linked to heavier Snowfalls  03/03/2012



Oil exploration and trade

Arctic Shipping Hazards to the Environment 28/02/16

Arctic Economies Benefit  09/0/14

Arctic Council Gets New Life  22/10/14

Alaska Offshore Oil Delays  25/01/14

Arctic Oil too risky say Total  25/09/12


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