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Heat Pump Performance

Page history last edited by Malcolm 13 years, 6 months ago

Heat Pump Performance


Recorded on http://www.waermepumpen-verbrauchsdatenbank.de/index.php?lang=en on 07/01/11

For up to date figures please access the web site


The owner of the web site writes as follows:- 

Welcome to the web-based heat pump consumption database.

Each registered user can include his own consumption data.

I got the idea for this web-site from reading the forum at www.haustechnikdialog.de
Collecting the data in one place means that it is not the responsiblity of any one person to maintain, and it's easier to keep up to date.
As a registered user of an anonymous contact is possible for the operator of a facility.
The content can be extended by agreement.

I posted about this site here: www.haustechnikdialog.de and here: www.energieportal24.de

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Statistics for facilities with heat meters
(The statistics are updated every month)

Year   Air/Water
Year COP
Year COP
Year COP
Year COP
    min max Ø Number   min max Ø Number   min max Ø Number   min max Ø Number
  2010       1.27     4.92     2.99     55       2.07     5.61     4.06     65       1.84     5.45     3.89     13       3.96     4.16     4.06     2  
  2009       1.17     4.46     2.88     33       2.11     5.54     4.04     45       3.84     5.01     4.40     6       4.42     4.45     4.44     2  
  2008       1.83     4.48     3.20     8       3.17     5.37     4.37     14       3.56     5.36     4.22     4               0.00     0  



Malcolm's comments


This is a remarkable web site which may take a little understanding as we are less familiar with the way Germans measure the performance of their heat pumps. It would seem that the performance (COP) of 4 groups of heat pumps is being compared. Air/Water appears to be our air source pumps used to power a water based heating system.

Brine /Water and Water/Water are surely ground source heat pumps. These are comparable with our GSHPs which could be described as Anti-freeze/Water. The max, min and average COP figures are of interest, based as they are on quite a large number of test sites.

Even more interesting are the detailed figures which can be obtained by clicking Consumption Table at the top left of the web page where the full details can be obtained month by month for many of these units.

Further analysis must yield some amazing pointers for further research into the variability of GSHPs.

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