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Wars and Conflicts Escalate

Page history last edited by Malcolm 8 years, 4 months ago

I have created this new section in 2016 because it is becoming increasingly clear that the greatest problems for humans arising from Climate Change will be the resulting wars and conflicts.

Briefly, it is the poor in the poorest countries that will suffer first from the degradation of food resources and they will not suffer quietly. The war in Syria shows us that people are increasingly likely to cross borders to avoid starvation and that they will migrate in numbers that pose grave problems for nations thousands of miles away. Can they be absorbed in their millions today? Only with difficulty. As 100 million potential migrants today becomes one billion, many wars will result and no one will be safe and comfortable.


As the truth dawns it may unite rich and poor, West, East, North and South to take the problem seriously.



This is the challenge of our lifetime!


Conflicts Increasing  15/01/16




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